Our Mission

Promoting the progress of retail

commercial space design industry

and creating value for clients

DESIGN CM is the pioneer of the new retail SI system, committed to providing retail commercial space system solutions for global brands. The traditional design of SI is based on stores, while the new generation design of SI is based on scenarios, combing by site and scene. Site is the concept of time and space. Comsumers can stay and buying products in this space. Scene refers to situations and interactions. When consumers stay in this space for a while, there should be scenes and interactions that trigger their emotions and influence their opinions. That is the meaning of scenarios..

We extend functionality based on consumer usage scenarios and create modules that can be implemented through functionality. The design form of the module fully considers the hierarchy, channels, and types of store terminals. Finally, by combining and extending different modules to cover stores across the country, this is the new dimension of SI.

Our Service

We gradually understand and become familiar with every industry, brand, and product category, 

thereby generating awareness and insights to provide customers with systematic SI solutions.

Our Projects

Creating practical aesthetics to drive business success

Our Office

Excellent international team Creating unlimited possibilities