Store is the Battlefield<br> Scene is the Link<br>Experience is the Marketing

Store is the Battlefield
Scene is the Link
Experience is the Marketing

CM Design is the first domestic brand SI and experience POSM design company. As a guide by positioning theory and aiming at "Aesthetic design and Scene creation", Design CM subvert the traditional SI design concept and mode, and creates a new age of "scene aesthetic design" and "branding experiential marketing".

What we do

  • 1. REALIZE

    We realize what clients need and summarize the key message that clients want to say.


    Through research process, we can get the insights.

  • 3.DESIGN

    Design bases on what we found through previous process and also consider as the reference factors.

  • 4.CREATE

    We create the design and bring it to reality!

Our jounery

21 years of precipitation, a company specializing in
  • 1996Foundation

  • 2003LG Electronics Global Marketing Core Supplier

  • 2006Established factory in Seoul

  • 2009Extended POP Design Team in Gangnam, Seoul

  • 2012Registered as Samsung AD partner

  • 2015Established an office in Shenzhen

  • 2017vivo Marketing Core Supplier vivo SI 3.0

  • 2018China Merchant Bank Network Design Partner, One Plus, Leap Motor, Midea

  • 2019......

Porfessional team

  • Strategy team: Strategy first, based on accuracy

    Space is the carrier of information, and accuracy is the first essential of information. In the early stage of design, CM takes the advanced positioning theory of the United States as the strategic guidance, and plans the overall design strategy to ensure accuracy.

  • Design team: Across borders, insight future

    Korea's top design team and the domestic front-line design team are strongly united to create a leading business space with leading business design thinking.

  • R&D team: Creative module and making for customized

    We have independent R&D team, which can customize functional modules and display props for brand business space from effect map to effect.

  • Executive team: Build-up efficiently, what you see is what you get.

    Owning many projects’ implement experience from paper design to implement landing, we desire for the implementation according to original edition. Also we can call it what you see is what you get.