China Merchants Bank Design

New Appearance of China Merchants Bank SI 3.0 Plus

China Merchants Bank 3.0 Plus branches are the upgraded version of China Merchants Bank 3.0 branches that our company served in 2018. As a new appearance, this branch adopts the analysis method of user experience map and the design language of "science and technology + humanity" to comprehensively improve the use experience of customers and employees. By providing modular design capabilities, standardization and individualization can be achieved, so that the design can be flexibly applied to branches with different house types, sizes and levels to create open and multi-functional space. At the same time, it also provides a more convenient, efficient and comfortable environment for employees to work and rest.

The biggest design highlight of this case lies in the integrated rest area in the lobby, which integrates rest, integration and service, reflects the intelligence and ecology of modern bank branches. It also accords with the tendency that the bank branches will focus more on service attribute in the future, which making the bank branch not only a place for trading, but also a place for resting and communication.