One Plus Experience Store

Extraordinary ultimate market helps to reach the peak of India high-end mobile phone market.

In August 2018, according to the data from Market Searching Institution of Counterpoint, One Plus achieved 40% occupancy of high-end mobile phone market and got the first prize which leaf behind the Apple and Samsung in the second quarter in India. We can analyse the reasons why One Plus got the big success in India. Firstly, Indian national upgrading consumption brings vitality to mobile phone market. Secondly, also the most importantly, the sales pattern was different from domestic which relied on Internet sales totally. The sales pattern of One Plus in India was that increased the sales of networks via promoting off-line brand stores in main cities all over the India. These off-line brand stores could help One Plus to achieve more India consumer group which becomes the key of success. We had helped One Plus to achieve high occupancy of mobile phone in India market. It proves that we takes the location and position as the concept to win the ultimate market.

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