OnePlus Experience Store Store Design | Brand Store Design

OnePlus flagship store SI design in India | A High-end Mobile Phone Brand in India, owns a lot of Experience Stores in India.

In August 2018, according to statistics from market research agent Counterpoint, the OnePlus took 40 percent of the market share of high-end mobile phones in Indian mobile phone market the second quarter of this year , overtaking Apple and Samsung  to the top spot. 

The reasons for the great success of OnePlus mobile phone in Indian market are as follows: on the one hand, the upgrading of National consumption in India has brought space and vitality to the mobile phone market; on the other hand, it is different from the domestic model that relies entirely on Internet sales: OnePlus's presence in India has been enhanced by launching offline stores in major cities that help it reach a larger user base, which is key to its success in the Indian market. These stores, which helped the OnePlus penetrate in Indian market, were created by the Scene Aesthetics Design. The success of the OnePlus in the Indian market once again supports the concept of Scene Aesthetics to locate the winning terminal.

In the design of OnePlus experience store, we break the traditional image of the mobile phone retail space by giving the brand a fresh and new spatial visual image through a new design form, meanwhile, it is obviously different from other brand mobile phone stores.

The overall space atmosphere has the sense of science and technology that a mobile phone brand is bound to have, in the meantime the design intends to make it fashionable and weaken its aggression to consumers due to its explicit marketing purpose.  To provide product marketing with a more dynamic, more moderate and more international perspective consumer space, we advoid applying the obvious space signs in the space, and there is no mandatory purchase circulation line.

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